Our Beds provide a comprehensive solution to different needs: classic beds for meeting the essentials, electric beds for premium service, and homecare beds for your comfortable health care support at home.


SOTAMAK series are equipped with State of The Art features to increase care givers' efficiency as well as patients' comfort.

SUPRAMAK series were developed to meet the growing market for more modern type of beds. ABS plastic material allows easy maintenance and color customization.

COMFORT series was our first product in 1990 and is still a favorite now. These warm and comfortable beds with manual crank mechanism are the perfect option for your room.

CLASSIC series offer simple design that meets the basic needs of the patients. With manual crank mechanism, these beds are practical to be used in all situations.

ECONOMIC series offers beds with manual crank mechanism, fixed height and knock down packaging, which minimizes delivery cost.

Homecare series are designed through broad understanding of elderly condition. Through its exclusive design, Homecare series are designed with warmth and inviting feeling to fit in housing situation. Homecare series height adjustment system could reach very low height to prevent patient injury due to falling off bed.

Children Bed provides a safe and reliable platform. The side rails can only be operated by adults to ensure children’s safety.

Baby Bed has a sturdy design and can be adjusted in trendelenburg / reverse trendelenburg position. MAK Baby Bed is stackable to optimize storage space.